Monthly Archives: September 2011

Rumba the frilly scarf yarn………


Wow!  I picked up my knitting needles at 4pm and by 4.40pm I had a new frilly scarf!!

The new Rumba from Designer Yarns is available in 10 trend setting shades, you can knit a small ruffle like mine with half a ball in 40 minutes (and that’s not knitting fast!) or you can use the full ball to make a bigger statement!

Priced at just £5.00 a ball you can’t go wrong!!!


New KnitPro Cubix have arrived!!!


Another exciting parcel has just come, the new KnitPro Cubix.  They have are square instead of the usual round needles and have a better grip but still the same smooth surface for your stitches to glide.  They are a beautiful Rosewood, available in interchangeables or 25cm straights.  I can’t wait to try them!!!

A day of knitting!


What a life…….today I have set myself a challenge of finishing some ‘almost there’ projects!  I have a nearly finished Debbie Bliss Paloma sweater and if the wind keeps up like this I’m gonna need it!  I have a gorgeous Noro Kochoran cardigan, again, I could soon need it and I have two smaller projects to finish, a Louisa Harding Nerissa scarf and a Louisa Harding Millais hat……… you think I can get them all finished today?

My very first blog post…….


Ok, I’m a total novice but I decided to give it a go…..blogging that is.  I’ve had a website for about a year selling gorgeous designer knitting yarns and accessories and best of all, our very own yarn from our very own Suffolk X sheep right here on the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.  If you love yarn like me, visit my site,

I also sell through a couple of Farmers Markets – Driffield and Humber Bridge, if you’ve never been, its definately worth a trip.

Over the next few months I’m taking on several new yarns and various accessories which I’m sure you’ll love so keep checking back and I’ll keep you up to speed……..