My very first blog post…….


Ok, I’m a total novice but I decided to give it a go…..blogging that is.  I’ve had a website for about a year selling gorgeous designer knitting yarns and accessories and best of all, our very own yarn from our very own Suffolk X sheep right here on the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.  If you love yarn like me, visit my site,

I also sell through a couple of Farmers Markets – Driffield and Humber Bridge, if you’ve never been, its definately worth a trip.

Over the next few months I’m taking on several new yarns and various accessories which I’m sure you’ll love so keep checking back and I’ll keep you up to speed……..

About kathfozz

I am a mum and a housewife, a retired Dental Hygienist and a Yarn Addict! I love to knit, I love colour and texture and have always wanted my own Yarn Store.......the dream is coming to life. I have a room in the house dedicated to yarn, I have a massive stock of Designer Yarns and accessories and best of all, we have wool which has been spun from our own flock of Suffolk X Sheep which graze right here on the Yorkshire Wolds. One day, I will have a 'proper shop' but for now, I'm enjoying watching it grow.......

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