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Well it’s been a while since I last had time to sit and write a blog post but today, I’m having a chill out day.  I’ve got lots of knitting done, I’ve put a rhubarb crumble in the oven and now I’m blogging!

I don’t know whether you’ve heard but Microsoft Office Live is disappearing at the end of April to be taken over by Microsoft Office 365, the new 365 incorporates various Microsoft Office products but the website platform is very similar.  When the change over takes place, any existing websites hosted on Office Live will be deleted….yes DELETED!  So, you have to manually rebuild the website on the new 365 platform, there is no option to bundle and carry it across all in one go so everything has to be done manually, page by page, picture by picture.  When I first heard the news of the changeover, I had a go at moving everything but I was a bit miffed that my domain name had ‘onmicrosoft’ between the littlehoundalesknits and the dot com, I thought, wow, what a mouthful.  I struggled with the how to transfer the existing domain name, there were instructions on microsoft but the pages and links they were talking about didn’t exist!  Then I thought, well if I have to rebuild the website, I want to build it better.  So, I set about rebuilding on a user friendly website host, only to find I was struggling to have enough space to fit all my products!  The shop space itself was limited to 150 products – well realistically, 15 shades of each yarn………I could only sell 10 yarn types!  So, dilema’s continued.  Then I had a long chat with a ‘techi’ person who is knowledgable on websites and it seems I am better with an e commerce website to sell the amount of products I want to sell, and so we are now taking that route……I’ve got someone coding up a template right now and I’ll soon be loading it up with products!!  I trully can’t wait, I’ve got so many new products to add to the website but its hard to add them to the existing site knowing it’s going to be deleted in a few weeks.  At the moment, our ranking in the search engines is really low too, I think thats something to do with google etc being aware of the microsoft status and they’ve de-prioritised us!  We’ll soon be putting that to rights with the new site!  So hence if we’re not ranking in the search engines, there’s not much point spending lots of time adding new products……I’m better off hanging fire and going in all guns blazing with the new site!  The new site will probably, at least until microsoft will release it in October when the registration needs renewing!  I don’t mind being, after all, we are in the uk!

So, what’s new…….the Malabrigo is new but has been added to the website, other’s not added include Rumba Fantasy, Bergere de France Ideal, Angel, Magic + and Cocoon.  I’ve got Lorna’s Laces due any day, blocking wires have been added to the website, I’m putting an order together for Namaste Bags…..loving the lime, peacock, hot pink and eggplant!  I’m getting Monroe, possibly Messenger, and all the accessories cases!! I’m increasing the range of shades in some of the existing yarns….more have arrived in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, more Noro shades and of course the new Louisa Harding ranges and shades!

I’ll be back soon with more info and updates about the new website, bear with us in the transition… will be worth it!!

About kathfozz

I am a mum and a housewife, a retired Dental Hygienist and a Yarn Addict! I love to knit, I love colour and texture and have always wanted my own Yarn Store.......the dream is coming to life. I have a room in the house dedicated to yarn, I have a massive stock of Designer Yarns and accessories and best of all, we have wool which has been spun from our own flock of Suffolk X Sheep which graze right here on the Yorkshire Wolds. One day, I will have a 'proper shop' but for now, I'm enjoying watching it grow.......

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