The new Website!


Well it’s nearing the time when all my hard work loading products and images on to the website will be deleted, courtessy of Microsoft.  As I mentioned in my previous post, as from the 1st May, everything will be hosted on the new 365 platform and everything on ‘live’ will be deleted.  I’ve been working with a company to build a new site which when it’s ready, will be much better than the old one.  I could have rebuilt the old one, exactly as it was on 365 but if I was putting in the time to rebuild it, I wanted to rebuild it better!  It’s not going to be ready by the 1st of May, we are going to have some down time.  We will still be business as usual and customers can contact me either on here, Facebook or Twitter or email ( as I don’t know if I’ll still be able to access the Microsoft emails!

I’ve lots of new products, the summer cottons are devine and the pattern support is fab.  If you haven’t had chance to pop up and have a look then please do call me and arrange a time to view and have a cuppa with me.  Our own yarn is now back from The Natural Fibre Company and I have to say, it is fantastic!  And that’s not because I’m biased, it’s because it is fantastic.  We’ve had 2 qualities spun – a 100% Suffolk X but this time worsted to stretch out the scratchy fibres and it’s made a big difference, the other is the 50:50 Suffolk X with Alpaca, 2 natural shades – Ivory and Grey and then 4 colours overdyed on the Ivory and Grey to give 8 dyed shades which are all gorgeous!  The majority is balled in 50g balls and will sell at £4.00 a ball for the Suffolk X and £5.00 for the 50:50.  I’ve started knitting in one of the dyed and I’m loving knitting with it, I’ve had a really frustrated couple of days – I’ve had a nasty knock with tonsillitis, so bad I couldn’t even knit!  I think my antibiotics are starting to kick in now otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging!

I tried to log on to my new website earlier but either the server is down or something as I keep getting an error page!  So frustrating with so little time to go before the old site goes down but not a lot I can do about it!!  I’ll try again later but I have so much to put on, it’s going to take weeks!

Anyway, time to do some knitting me thinks!

Shout if you need anything!

Kath. x

About kathfozz

I am a mum and a housewife, a retired Dental Hygienist and a Yarn Addict! I love to knit, I love colour and texture and have always wanted my own Yarn Store.......the dream is coming to life. I have a room in the house dedicated to yarn, I have a massive stock of Designer Yarns and accessories and best of all, we have wool which has been spun from our own flock of Suffolk X Sheep which graze right here on the Yorkshire Wolds. One day, I will have a 'proper shop' but for now, I'm enjoying watching it grow.......

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