Rowan Yarns coming to Little Houndales Knits!!!


ImageImageImageImageImageI can’t believe I managed to take up ALL afternoon with the Rowan rep!….the poor woman!!

There are just so many yarns, colours and patterns to choose from, the choices are endless, narrowing it down to the few I have room for has been a rather difficult task!!

I have been tempted to dip into Rowan since we started in 2010 but never felt we were well enough placed in the big wide yarn world to take it on!….But this afternoon, after some careful planning and pondering, I have placed an order for several yarns and pattern books and plan to launch in about 6 weeks….so watch this space!

We have on the list, Lima, Cocoon, Felted Tweed, Fine Tweed, Kid Classic, Alpaca Colour, Angora Haze, Magazines 52 and 54, and individual booklet support for the yarns I have chosen!!

Both Alpaca Colour and Angora Haze are new yarns for Autumn Winter 2013/14 and we’ve taken the full colour palate of both yarns in addition to a good selection of shades from the other yarns.  I found it very hard to resist and pondered for…hours! 

I also had good look at the Regia Sock yarns and a peep at the fabrics…….have to save them for another day!! 🙂



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