Changes afoot…


Firstly, apologies for not posting for so long, I had a few health problems and then a few catch up problems!

We are now nearly 4 years old, I can’t believe where time has flown!  The last 4 years have allowed us to expand and grow as well as find our weaknesses.  I’ve spent the last few weeks analysing things and identified that there are some yarns and brands that just do not work for us and some which really do work.  The website was rebuilt last October and still has numerous issues and I’ll be speaking to the website team on Monday, I don’t know where this next leg will take us but I’m prepared for rebuilding again if need be….I may be overly picky but it just has to be right…it’s just not acceptable for the only shipping option for a customer in Australia to have ‘Collect from Little Houndales Knits’!! It’s unprofessional and embarrassing and reflects badly on us as a business, I’ve flagged this up with the website team and it’s STILL happening, so, I’ll be dealing with it when the chap at the top is back from holiday next week.  I wouldn’t mind but we rebuilt because of issues with the old one that couldn’t be rectified.  

With regard to stock, for us the Noro and Bergere de France ranges don’t do too well and several of the Debbie Bliss yarns struggle. I have therefore decided to thin out these brands and will be replacing them with a nice selection of interesting stock that I’m sure will go down well.  On the other hand, some of the yarns work brilliantly for us, Rowan, Louisa Harding, the vast range of sock yarns, Malabrigo and of course our own.  These will all be staying so don’t wait for any discounts on these, sorry!!

Once I’ve got all the stock of all these yarns checked they will be going on the website with good discounts.  I’ll be sending out a newsletter so keep an eye out for it landing in your email box in the next couple of weeks.

I wanted to update you about the changes afoot as I don’t want the website to disappear and people think we’ve gone…..if we do it will only be temporary! And I don’t want you to see all the yarns we’re discounting and think it’s a closing down sale, it’s just a sort out!

Keep an eye out for those bargains!!!

Kath. xx

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  1. Hi Kath

    So sorry to hear you have been poorly again – hope you are ok now.

    Really looking forward to the Noro sale – can’t remember if you had any stock of Taiyo?

    Also hoping we get a visit to you again in a few weeks’ time (I am on holiday at the moment). Want to check out your Malabrigo Rios – have read some very good reviews of it.

    Take care and I will wait with credit card poised for the reductions! 🙂

    Marjorie Xx

    Sent from my iPad


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