What makes us different?


Shopping online is commonplace nowadays and shopping online for knitting yarn from the comfort of your sofa is catching on too. We have customers who come into the shop and tell us they don’t like to shop for yarn online as they can’t see the colours and ‘feel’ the yarn, both which are huge factors. Why then are so many people turning to online shopping for yarn?

Convenience? Definitely, shopping online means you can browse all day and all evening in your own time and make a cuppa in between, you have no other customers getting in your way, you don’t have to worry about parking or catching a bus, you don’t get caught by the weather. Convenience certainly plays a large part in why we choose to shop online but still has it’s downsides for knitting yarn.

Price? The perception that you will get it cheaper online is not necessarily true. Most bricks and mortar ‘yarn shops’ do in fact have some pretty attractive prices which beat the internet giants hands down. Internet retailers often sell at the RRP or in some cases above RRP and then discount it down to make it look like you’re getting a good deal. It’s definitely worth shopping around!

Choice? There are indeed some large online yarn retailers with a huge range of stock to offer. You can get everything you need in one place from your pattern, the yarn to suit the pattern, your needles, buttons and even a knitting bag to keep it all in. The down side is that although it may appear on the surface that all the items you select are in stock, when you place your order, the retailer then has to order some of the items in, which in turn means your order coming out in several batches or part of it not being fulfilled.

So what makes Little Houndales Knits any different to the other internet retailers? Little Houndales Knits is driven by passion and not profit. We are owned and run by passionate yarn fiends and we are people people. We love a conversation about your project and we will walk you through your online order over the phone with colour guidance and yarn quantities. We will tell you what we have in stock (just like any other online retailer – we can’t promise that what it says on our website is always the correct stock as there is always an element of human error), but if something is out of stock we will always communicate with you and let you know how long you will be expected to wait for something that may not be in stock. All orders are packed by the same yarn fiends you speak to on the phone and are packed with care and passion. If you don’t like your order when it arrives, we will happily take it back and give you a refund for the cost of the yarn or change it for something else (unfortunately we can’t refund the postage or cover return postage). We also offer a ‘layby’ service, this is a very handy service if you’re knitting something where you’re not sure you will have enough and you want a ‘safety net’. We hold a ball or two on one side for a month with your name on it and if you need it we just charge you for the yarn and postage, if not, all we ask is that you let us know you don’t need it so we can put it back in stock. If you would like to take up the offer of this service simply put a note on your order with your requirements and we’ll look after the rest.

Can we order yarns that we don’t have in stock? Yes! We are always happy to order yarn that we don’t have in stock but for orders from wholesale we have a minimum order of half a pack plus 1 ball and carriage as charged by the wholesaler ‘or’ buy full packs with a 10% discount plus carriage. For yarns from companies that we don’t have an account with we can often still source the yarn for you from another retailer, we will do the leg work on the net, source the yarn at the best price and order it for you. The price the retailer charge us is the price we charge you. We don’t profit from this service but we see it as a service that may make you use us again!

Can you come and visit us? Yes! We open to the public 2 days a week, the yarn and patterns are all on display, we will make you a cuppa and we will search all available sources to find you the pattern you have in your head. As much as we try to make your online shopping experience with us as close to visiting us in person, there is still no real substitute for seeing the yarns for yourself but for some people, leaving the house is a problem and knitting is their lifeline, we completely empathise and we will do everything in our powers to help you make your choices from your sofa.

If we’ve got you tempted, take a look at our website…. www.littlehoundalesknits.com

Or phone us and speak to Kath, Leigh or Billie-Jo on 01377 255093

Kath. xx


About kathfozz

I am a mum and a housewife, a retired Dental Hygienist and a Yarn Addict! I love to knit, I love colour and texture and have always wanted my own Yarn Store.......the dream is coming to life. I have a room in the house dedicated to yarn, I have a massive stock of Designer Yarns and accessories and best of all, we have wool which has been spun from our own flock of Suffolk X Sheep which graze right here on the Yorkshire Wolds. One day, I will have a 'proper shop' but for now, I'm enjoying watching it grow.......

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