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yon’s, yo’s, yfwds, yrn’s
yon – yarn on needles/yarn over needle
yo – yarn over
yfwd – yarn forward
yrn – yarn round needle
There is often  much confusion when a pattern asks for a yo, yon, yfwd or yrn, all abreviations basically asking for the yarn to move to the front or back of your work so that when you work your next stitch, the yarn lies ‘over’ the top of the needle in a way that looks wrong.  All the abreviations mean basically the same thing, it’s just that often, patterns use different terms or it may be that to get your yarn to lie over your needle it needs to be a ‘yarn forward’ so that when you knit the next stitch the yarn lies over the needle but in the instance of needing to get your yarn to lie over your needle between a knit and a purl stitch, you will need to take your yarn forward and then round the needle again (yrn) to ‘gain’ the stitch. These techniques are used mainly in lace patterns and the placing of the yarn over the needle, gains an extra stitch (hence why it looks so wrong!).  When you come to this yarn over the needle on the wrong side of the work, there is a ‘huge’ temptation to let it drop, it looks so out of place – don’t drop it, work it as a knit or purl as the pattern requires (more often than not a purl) and carry on!!  Yon’s etc are often combined with the working together of 2 stitches somewhere near the yon which gets rid of the gained stitches.
All in all, the yon’s of the world are the bits that make the holes – you probably did a lot more than you realised when you did your first garter stitch strip!!